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Voriconazole 200mg
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
28 Tablets$1084.72
 Intas Pharma
56 Tablets$1972.24
Save $197.20Intas Pharma
84 Tablets$2884.49
Save $369.67Intas Pharma
112 Tablets$3550.07
Save $788.81Intas Pharma
140 Tablets$4284.64
Save $1138.96Intas Pharma
Voriconazole 50mg
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
30 Tablets$337.20
60 Tablets$613.10
Save $61.30Natco
90 Tablets$896.68
Save $114.92Natco
120 Tablets$1103.59
Save $245.21Natco
150 Tablets$1331.94
Save $354.06Natco
Voriconazole 200mg SOLN. Vial
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
1 Vial$2900.00
 Intas Pharma
2 Vials$5272.78
Save $527.22Intas Pharma
3 Vials$7711.68
Save $988.32Intas Pharma
4 Vials$9491.12
Save $2108.88Intas Pharma
5 Vials$11455.00
Save $3045.00Intas Pharma
Bio-equivalent drug for Voriconazole is Generic for Vfend
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