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Brand Name: Vepesid*

Generic Name: Etoposide

We sell only Etoposide, the generic version of Vepesid*.
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*We do not sell Vepesid brand.

Facts about Generic Drugs

  • Generic drugs are chemically identical to brand-name drugs in terms of active ingredient(s), intended use, quality, dosage, safety, bioavailability and effectiveness.
  • Generic drugs are cheaper than brand-name drugs.

Drug information

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Generic for Vepesid Drug Information - Usage, Side Effects and Dosage

Learn about the common usage, side effects and recommended Dosage of Generic Vepesid

Common usage of Generic for Vepesid
Generic Etoposide is an antineoplastic used to treat cancer. Etoposide (Generic Etoposide) causes the death of cancer cells by interfering with the genetic material DNA, which is necessary for their growth and reproduction. Generic Etoposide is used alone or in combination with other antineoplastic medications for the treatment of many types of cancer.

Probable Side Effects of Generic for Vepesid
Like most medications, Generic Vepesid can cause some temporary side effects. It is pertinent to note that Generic Vepesid side effects cannot be anticipated. If they continue it is imperative that you contact your doctor immediately. The most common Side Effects of Generic Vepesid are loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. Some of the most serious Generic Vepesid side Effects include fast heartbeat, loss of consciousness, shortness of breath, sweating, swelling of face or tongue, tightness in throat and wheezing. This is not a complete list of all Side effects. Do concur with your doctor and follow his directions completely when you are taking Generic Vepesid.

Recommended Dosage of Generic for Vepesid
The following information just highlights the general average dosage of Generic Vepesid

The usual recommended dosage of Generic Vepesid for injection in testicular cancer in combination with other approved chemotherapeutic agents ranges from 50 to 100 mg/m 2 /day on days 1 through 5 to 100 mg/m 2 /day on days 1, 3, and 5. For small cell lung cancer, the Generic Vepesid Injection dose in combination with other approved chemotherapeutic drugs ranges from 35 mg/m 2 /day for 4 days to 50 mg/m 2 /day for 5 days.

Any medication should be taken with the prior counsel and direction of your health care provider. It is important to discuss Generic Vepesid dosage and Generic Vepesid Side effects with your doctor. Certain basic lifestyle changes, moderation or abstinence in the case of alcoholic beverages and a regular exercise regimen will go a long way in improving your quality of life. This website Drug Information is to be solely used as an information resource and should never be used to replace contact with your licensed health care provider.

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