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Temozolomide 20mg
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
15 Capsules$468.02
 Cipla Limited
30 Capsules$850.94
Save $85.09Cipla Limited
45 Capsules$1244.55
Save $159.50Cipla Limited
60 Capsules$1531.72
Save $340.34Cipla Limited
75 Capsules$1848.66
Save $491.42Cipla Limited
Temozolomide 100mg
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
5 Capsules$512.49
 Intas Pharma
10 Capsules$931.80
Save $93.17Intas Pharma
15 Capsules$1362.81
Save $174.66Intas Pharma
20 Capsules$1677.27
Save $372.68Intas Pharma
25 Capsules$2024.34
Save $538.11Intas Pharma
Temozolomide 250mg
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
5 Capsules$1087.49
 Intas Pharma
10 Capsules$1977.27
Save $197.71Intas Pharma
15 Capsules$2891.85
Save $370.62Intas Pharma
20 Capsules$3559.13
Save $790.82Intas Pharma
25 Capsules$4295.59
Save $1141.86Intas Pharma
Bio-equivalent drug for Temozolomide is Generic for Temodal
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