Volini (Diclofenac-Linseed oil-Methylsalicylate-Menthol)
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Volini Pain Relieving Gel 15g (Diclofenac)
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
3 Tubes$11.55 Ranbaxy
6 Tubes$21.00 Ranbaxy
9 Tubes$30.71 Ranbaxy
12 Tubes$37.80 Ranbaxy
15 Tubes$45.62 Ranbaxy
Volini Pain Relieving Gel 30g (Diclofenac)
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
3 Tubes$22.11 Ranbaxy
6 Tubes$40.20 Ranbaxy
9 Tubes$58.79 Ranbaxy
12 Tubes$72.36 Ranbaxy
15 Tubes$87.33 Ranbaxy
Volini Pain Relieving Spray (Diclofenac)
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
3 Containers$33.00 Ranbaxy
6 Containers$60.00 Ranbaxy
9 Containers$87.75 Ranbaxy
12 Containers$108.00 Ranbaxy
15 Containers$130.35
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