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Sensodyne Toothpaste (Mint Flavor) 40g
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
3 Tubes$25.20 Glaxo Smithkline
6 Tubes$45.82 Glaxo Smithkline
9 Tubes$67.01 Glaxo Smithkline
12 Tubes$82.47 Glaxo Smithkline
15 Tubes$99.54 Glaxo Smithkline
Sensodyne Toothpaste 80g
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
3 Tubes$36.30 Glaxo Smithkline
6 Tubes$66.00 Glaxo Smithkline
9 Tubes$96.53 Glaxo Smithkline
12 Tubes$118.80
Glaxo Smithkline
15 Tubes$143.39
Glaxo Smithkline
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