Candid–B (Clotrimazole–Beclomethasone)
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Candid-B Cream 10g
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
3 Tubes$18.15 Glenmark
6 Tubes$33.00 Glenmark
9 Tubes$48.26 Glenmark
12 Tubes$59.40 Glenmark
15 Tubes$71.69 Glenmark
Candid-B Cream 20g
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
3 Tubes$24.75 Glenmark
6 Tubes$45.00 Glenmark
9 Tubes$65.82 Glenmark
12 Tubes$81.00 Glenmark
15 Tubes$97.76 Glenmark
Candid-B Lotion 15ml
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
3 Bottles$35.88 Glenmark
6 Bottles$65.24 Glenmark
9 Bottles$95.41 Glenmark
12 Bottles$117.43
15 Bottles$141.73
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