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Methotrexate 2.5mg
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
100 Tablets$73.80 Zydus Synovia
200 Tablets$134.18
Save $13.42Zydus Synovia
300 Tablets$196.25
Save $25.15Zydus Synovia
400 Tablets$241.53
Save $53.67Zydus Synovia
500 Tablets$291.51
Save $77.49Zydus Synovia
Methotrexate 5mg
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
30 Tablets$25.50 Zydus Synovia
60 Tablets$46.36 Save $4.64Zydus Synovia
90 Tablets$67.81 Save $8.69Zydus Synovia
120 Tablets$83.46 Save $18.54Zydus Synovia
150 Tablets$100.73 Save $26.78Zydus Synovia
Methotrexate 7.5mg
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
30 Tablets$37.50 Sun Pharma
60 Tablets$68.18 Save $6.82Sun Pharma
90 Tablets$99.72 Save $12.78Sun Pharma
120 Tablets$122.73
Save $27.27Sun Pharma
150 Tablets$148.13
Save $39.38Sun Pharma
Methotrexate 10mg
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
30 Tablets$50.62 Zydus Synovia
60 Tablets$92.04 Save $9.20Zydus Synovia
90 Tablets$134.61
Save $17.25Zydus Synovia
120 Tablets$165.67
Save $36.81Zydus Synovia
150 Tablets$199.95
Save $53.15Zydus Synovia
Methotrexate 1000MG Solution, Vial
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
1 Vial$83.74 Intas Pharma
2 Vials$152.25
Save $15.23Intas Pharma
3 Vials$222.67
Save $28.55Intas Pharma
4 Vials$274.06
Save $60.90Intas Pharma
5 Vials$330.77
Save $87.93Intas Pharma
Methotrexate 500MG Solution, Vial
QuantityPrice (US$) Manufacturer 
1 Vial$275.00
 Intas Pharma
2 Vials$500.01
Save $49.99Intas Pharma
3 Vials$731.28
Save $93.72Intas Pharma
4 Vials$900.02
Save $199.98Intas Pharma
5 Vials$1086.25
Save $288.75Intas Pharma
Bio-equivalent drugs for Methotrexate are Generic for Emthexate and Generic for Rheumatrex
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